Journal title: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Perbankan Syariah
Initials: JEPS
Frequency: 2 issues per year (April and October)
DOI: -
Online ISSN: 2579-6437
Editor-in-chiefDr. Handi Risza Idris, M.Ec
Publisher: Program Studi Perbankan Syariah, STEI SEBI
Indexing: Google Scholar 

Jurnal Ekonomi dan Perbankan Syariah (JEPS), is a national journal of Islamic Banking Department, School of Islamic Economics (STEI SEBI). Which focusing on Economic and Islamic Banking science. Also it have coverage includes several issues such Islamic law of contemporary transaction, Islamic financing, or Islamic business concept. The JEPS journal has been issued since 2018 and it’s have published twice in a year on April and October. The aim of journal is to educate and espouse the encouragement of Islamic Economic Science.